Console und Cvars

2004-12-17 17:44 von Kelli (0 Kommentare)

Hier die auf ein erträgliches Maß ausgemistete cvar liste von Counterstrike: Source. Vollständig abzurufen im Spiel durch Eingabe von cvarlist. Hier sollen nur die für einen Server relevanten Befehle aufgelistet | erklärt werden.

| Variable Wert /*Funktion*/
_restart cmd /* Shutdown and restart the engine*/
addip cmd /* Add an IP address to thee ban list.*/
alias cmd /* Alias a command.*/
ammo_338mag_max 30 /*ammo_338mag_max */
ammo_357sig_max 52 /*ammo_357sig_max */
ammo_45acp_max 100 /*ammo_45acp_max */
ammo_50AE_max 35 /*ammo_50AE_max*/
ammo_556mm_box_max 200 /*ammo_556mm_box_max*/
ammo_556mm_max 90 /*ammo_556mm_max*/
ammo_57mm_max 100 /*ammo_57mm_max*/
ammo_762mm_max 90 /*ammo_762mm_max*/
ammo_9mm_max 120 /*ammo_9mm_max */
ammo_buckshot_max 32 /*ammo_buckshot_max*/
ammo_flashbang_max 2 /*ammo_flashbang_max*/
ammo_hegrenade_max 1 /*ammo_hegrenade_max*/
ammo_smokegrenade_max 1 /*ammo_smokegrenade_max*/
banid cmd /* Add a user ID to the ban list.*/
BindToggle cmd /*[Beschreibung]*/
bloodspray cmd /* blood*/
bot_add cmd /* Adds a bot to whichever team has fewer players*/
bot_add_ct cmd /* Adds a Counter-Terrorist bot*/
bot_add_t cmd /* Adds a Terrorist bot*/
bot_all_weapons cmd /* Allows the bots to use all weapons*/
bot_allow_grenades 1 /*bot_all_weapons */
bot_allow_machine_guns 1 /*bot_allow_grenades*/
bot_allow_pistols 1 /*bot_allow_machine_guns*/
bot_allow_rifles 1 /*bot_allow_pistols*/
bot_allow_rogues 1 /*bot_allow_rifles */
bot_allow_shield 1 /*bot_allow_rogues */
bot_allow_shotguns 1 /*bot_allow_shield */
bot_allow_snipers 1 /*bot_allow_shotguns*/
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns 1 /*bot_allow_snipers*/
bot_auto_vacate 1 /*bot_allow_sub_machine_guns*/
bot_chatter 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_crouch 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_debug 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_defer_to_human 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_difficulty 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_freeze 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_goto_mark cmd /* Sends a bot to the selected nav area (for editing nav meshes)*/
bot_join_after_player 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_join_team 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_kick cmd /* Kicks the specified bot, or all bots if no name is given*/
bot_kill cmd /* Kills the specified bot , or all bots if no name is given*/
bot_knives_only cmd /* Restricts the bots to only using knives*/
bot_memory_usage cmd /* Reports on the bots' memory usage*/
bot_mimic 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_mimic_yaw_offset 180 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_pistols_only cmd /* Restricts the bots to only using pistols*/
bot_prefix 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_profile_db 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_quota 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_quota_match 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_show_nav 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_snipers_only cmd /* Restricts the bots to only using sniper rifles*/
bot_stop 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_traceview 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_traceview_extended 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_walk 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
bot_zombie 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
breakable_disable_gib_limit 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
breakable_multiplayer 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
buddha cmd /* Toggle. Player takes damage but won't die. (Shows red cross when health is zero)*/
bug_swap cmd /* Automatically swaps the current weapon for the bug bait and back again.*/
cache_print cmd /* Print out contents of cache memory.*/
cast_hull cmd /* Tests hull collision detection*/
cast_ray cmd /* Tests collision detectio*/
cc_lookup_crc cmd /* For tracking down missing CC token strings */
ch_createairboat cmd /* Spawn airboat in front of the player.*/
ch_createjeep cmd /* Spawn jeep in front of the player.*/
changelevel cmd /* Change server to the specified map*/
changelevel2 cmd /* Transition to the specified map in single player*/
cl_clock_correction 1 /* Enable*/
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_amount 200 /*/
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_offset 90 /* As the clock offset goes from cl_clock_correction_adjustment_min_offset to this value (in milliseconds), it moves towards applying cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_amount of adjustment. That way, the response is small when the offset is small.*/
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_min_offset 10 /* If the clock offset is less than this amount (in milliseconds), then no clock correction is applied.*/
cl_clock_correction_force_server_tick 999 /* Force clock correction to match the server tick + this offset (-999 disables it).*/
cl_clock_showdebuginfo 0 /* Show debugging info about the clock drift. */
cl_clockdrift_max_ms 150 /* Maximum number of milliseconds the clock is allowed to drift before the client snaps its clock to the server's.*/
cmd cmd /* Forward command to server.*/
coop 0 /* Cooperative play.*/
creditsdone cmd /*[Beschreibung]*/
cs_ShowStateTransitions -2 /* cs_ShowStateTransitions . Show player state transitions.*/
cs_stacking_num_levels 1 /* How many players can stack on top of another player.*/
cvarlist cmd /* Show the list of convars*/
deathmatch 1 /* Running a deathmatch server.*/
developer 0 /* Show developer messages.*/
differences cmd /* Show all convars which are not at their default values.*/
disconnect cmd /* Disconnect game from server.*/
disp_dynamic 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
disp_modlimit 80 /*[Beschreibung]*/
disp_modlimit_down 20 /*[Beschreibung]*/
disp_modlimit_up 80 /*[Beschreibung]*/
disp_numiterations 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
dispcoll_drawplane 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
displaysoundlist 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
echo cmd /* Echo text to console.*/
endround cmd /* End the current round.*/
exec cmd /* Execute script file.*/
exit cmd /* Exit the engine.*/
find cmd /* Find concommands with the specified string in their name*/
fire_absorbrate 3 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_dmgbase 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_dmginterval 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_dmgscale 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_extabsorb 5 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_extscale 12 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_growthrate 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_heatscale 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_incomingheatscale 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fire_maxabsorb 50 /*[Beschreibung]*/
firetarget cmd /*[Beschreibung]*/
flex_expression 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
flex_looktime 5 /*[Beschreibung]*/
flex_maxawaytime 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
flex_maxplayertime 7 /*[Beschreibung]*/
flex_minawaytime 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
flex_minplayertime 5 /*[Beschreibung]*/
flex_talk 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
flush cmd /* Flush cache memory.*/
flush_unlocked cmd /* Flush unlocked cache memory.*/
fog_enable_water_fog 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fov cmd /* Change players FOV*/
fps_max 300 /* Frame rate limiter*/
free_pass_peek_debug 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
fs_printopenfiles cmd /* Show all files currently opened by the engine.*/
fs_warning_level cmd /* Set the filesystem warning level*/
give cmd /* Give item to player. Arguments */
god cmd /* Toggle. Player becomes invulnerable.*/
heartbeat cmd /*[Beschreibung]*/
help cmd /* Find help about a convar*/
hltv_autorecord 0 /* Automatically records all games as HLTV demos.*/
hltv_connect cmd /* Connect to specified HLTV server.*/
hltv_debug 0 /* HLTV debug info.*/
hltv_delay 10 /* HLTV broadcast delay in seconds*/
hltv_maxclients 128 /* Maximum client number on HLTV server.*/
hltv_maxrate 3500 /* Max client bandwidth rate allowed, 0 == unlimited*/
hltv_port 27020 /* Host HLTV port*/
hltv_record cmd /* Starts HLTV demo recordiing.*/
hltv_retry cmd /* Reconnects the HLTV relay proxy.*/
hltv_snapshotinterval 2 /* Take game snapshot every nth tick*/
hltv_status cmd /* Connect to specified HLTV server.*/
hltv_stop cmd /* Stops the HLTV broadcast*/
hltv_stoprecord cmd /* Stops HLTV demo recording.*/
hltv_viewent 0 /* HLTV camera entity index*/
host_framerate 0 /* Set to lock per-frame time elapse.*/
host_limitlocal 0 /* Apply cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate to loopback connection*/
host_map 0 /* Current map name.*/
host_runofftime cmd /* Run off some time without rendering*/
host_showcachemiss 0 /* Print a debug message when the client or server cache is missed.*/
host_sleep 0 /* Force the host to sleep a certain number of milliseconds each frame.*/
host_speeds 0 /* Show general system running times.*/
host_timescale 1 /* Prescale the clock by this amount.*/
hostage_debug 0 /* Show hostage AI debug information*/
hostname 0 /* Hostname for server.*/
hostport 30000 /* Host game server port*/
hud_jeephint_numentries 10 /*[Beschreibung]*/
hurtme cmd /* Hurts the player. Arguments */
incrementvar cmd /* Increment specified convar value.*/
ip 0 /* Overrides IP for multihomed hosts*/
kdtree_test cmd /* Tests spatial partition for entities queries.*/
kick cmd /* Kick a player by name.*/
kickid cmd /* Kick a player by userid or uniqueid, with a message.*/
kill cmd /* kills the player*/
killserver cmd /* Shutdown the server.*/
listid cmd /* Lists banned users.*/
listip cmd /* List IP addresses on the ban list.*/
listmodels cmd /* List loaded models.*/
log cmd /* Enables logging to file, console, and udp < on | off >.*/
logaddress_add cmd /* Set address and port for remote host */
logaddress_del cmd /* Remove address and port for remote host */
logaddress_delall cmd /* Remove all udp addresses being logged to*/
logaddress_list cmd /* List all addresses currently being used by logaddress.*/
lservercfgfile 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
map cmd /* Start playing on specified map.*/
map_background cmd /* Runs a map as the background to the main menu.*/
map_noareas 0 /* Disable area to area connection testing.*/
map_showspawnpoints cmd /* Shows player spawn points (red=invalid)*/
mapcyclefile 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
maps cmd /* Displays list of maps.*/
mat_bumpbasis 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mat_configcurrent cmd /* show the current video control panel config for the material system*/
maxplayers cmd /* Change the maximum number of players allowed on this server.*/
mp_allowNPCs 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_allowspectators 1 /* toggles whether the server allows spectator mode or not*/
mp_autocrosshair 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_autokick 1 /* Kick idle*/
mp_autoteambalance 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_buytime 1 /* How many minutes after round start players can buy items for.*/
mp_c4timer 45 /* how long from when the C4 is armed until it blows*/
mp_chattime 10 /* amount of time players can chat after the game is over*/
mp_decals 200 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_defaultteam 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_facefronttime 3 /* After this amount of time of standing in place but aiming to one side, go ahead and move feet to face upper body.*/
mp_fadetoblack 0 /* fade a player's screen to black when he dies*/
mp_falldamage 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_feetyawrate 720 /* How many degrees per second that we can turn our feet or upper body.*/
mp_flashlight 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_footsteps 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_forcecamera 0 /* Restricts spectator modes for dead players*/
mp_forcerespawn 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_fraglimit 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_freezetime 6 /* how many seconds to keep players frozen when the round starts*/
mp_friendlyfire 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_hostagepenalty 13 /* Terrorist are kicked for killing too much hostages*/
mp_ik 1 /* Use IK on in-place turns*/
mp_limitteams 2 /* Max # of players 1 team can have over another*/
mp_maxrounds 20 /* max number of rounds to play before server changes maps*/
mp_playerid 0 /*/
mp_restartgame 0 /* If non-zero, game will restart in the specified number of seconds*/
mp_roundtime 5 /* How many minutes each round takes.*/
mp_solidplayers 1 /* Set player solid in multiplayer mode, no pushback*/
mp_spawnprotectiontime 5 /* Kick players who team-kill within this many seconds of a round restart.*/
mp_startmoney 800 /* amount of money each player gets when they reset*/
mp_teamlist 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_teamoverride 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_teamplay 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_timelimit 10 /* game time per map in minutes*/
mp_tkpunish 0 /* Will a TK'er be punished in the next round? {0=no, 1=yes}*/
mp_weaponstay 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
mp_winlimit 0 /* max number of rounds one team can win before server changes maps*/
net_blockmsg 0 /* Discards incoming message <0|1|name>*/
net_channels cmd /* Shows net channel info*/
net_chokeloop 0 /* Apply bandwidth choke to loopback packets*/
net_drawslider 0 /* Draw completion slider during signon*/
net_droppackets 0 /* Drops next n packets on client*/
net_fakelag 0 /* Lag all incoming network data (including loopback) by this many milliseconds.*/
net_fakeloss 0 /* Simulate packet loss as a percentage (negative means drop 1*/
net_maxfilesize 16 /* Maximum allowed file size for uploading in MB*/
net_maxfragments 1280 /* Max fragment bytes per packet*/
net_showdrop 0 /* Show dropped packets in console*/
net_showevents 0 /* Print game event infos to console.*/
net_showfragments 0 /* Show netchannel fragment*/
net_showmsg 0 /* Show incoming message <0|1|name>*/
net_showpeaks 0 /* Show messages for large packets only */
net_showsplits 0 /* Show info about packet splits*/
net_showtcp 0 /* Dump TCP stream summary to console*/
net_showudp 0 /* Dump UPD packets summary to console*/
net_start cmd /* Inits multiplayer network sockets*/
net_synctags 0 /* Insert tokens into the net stream to find client*/
next 0 /* Set to 1 to advance to next frame ( when singlestep == 1 )*/
noclip cmd /* Toggle. Player becomes non-solid and flies.*/
notarget cmd /* Toggle. Player becomes hidden to NPCs.*/
password 0 /* Current server access password*/
path cmd /* Show the engine filesystem path.*/
pause cmd /* Toggle the server pause state.*/
ping cmd /* Display ping to server.*/
player_old_armor 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
plugin_load cmd /* plugin_load */
plugin_pause cmd /* plugin_pause */
plugin_pause_all cmd /* pauses all loaded plugin*/
plugin_print cmd /* Prints details about loaded plugins*/
plugin_unload cmd /* plugin_unload */
plugin_unpause cmd /* plugin_unpause */
plugin_unpause_all cmd /* unpauses all disabled plugins*/
quit cmd /* Exit the engine.*/
quti cmd /* Exit the engine.*/
rcon_password 0 /* remote console password.*/
recompute_speed cmd /* Recomputes clock speed (for debugging purposes).*/
reload cmd /* Reload the most recent saved game (add setpos to jump to current view position on reload).*/
removeid cmd /* Remove a user ID from the ban list.*/
removeip cmd /* Remove an IP address from the ban list.*/
replaydelay 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
report_entities cmd /* Lists all entities*/
report_simthinklist cmd /* Lists all simulating*/
report_soundpatch cmd /* reports sound patch coun*/
report_touchlinks cmd /* Lists all touchlinks*/
restart cmd /* Restart the game on the same level (add setpos to jump to current view position on restart).*/
revert cmd /* Revert convars to their default values.*/
say cmd /* Display player message*/
say_team cmd /* Display player message to team*/
servercfgfile 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
setmaster cmd /*[Beschreibung]*/
setmodel cmd /* Changes's player's model*/
setpause cmd /* Set the pause state of the server.*/
setpos cmd /* Move player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats).*/
shake cmd /* Shake the screen.*/
showhitlocation 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
showtriggers 0 /* Shows trigger brushes*/
showtriggers_toggle cmd /* Toggle show triggers*/
singlestep 0 /* Run engine in single step mode ( set next to 1 to advance a frame )*/
sk_ally_regen_time 0 /* Time taken for an ally to regenerate a point of health.*/
sk_npc_arm 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_npc_chest 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_npc_head 2 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_npc_leg 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_npc_stomach 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_player_arm 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_player_chest 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_player_head 2 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_player_leg 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sk_player_stomach 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
status cmd /* Display map and connection status.*/
sv_allowdownload 1 /* Allow clients to download files*/
sv_allowupload 1 /* Allow clients to upload customizations files*/
sv_alltalk 0 /* Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions*/
sv_alternateticks 0 /* If set, server only simulates entities on alternate ticks. */
sv_autosave 1 /* Set to 1 to save game on level transition. Does not affect autosave triggers.*/
sv_backspeed 0 /* How much to slow down backwards motion*/
sv_bounce 0 /* Bounce multiplier for when physically simulated objects collide with other objects.*/
sv_cacheencodedents 1 /* If set to 1, does an optimization to prevent extra SendTable_Encode calls.*/
sv_cheats 0 /* Allow cheats on server*/
sv_contact 0 /* Contact email for server sysop*/
sv_debug_player_use 0 /* Visualizes +use logic. Green cross=trace success, Red cross=trace too far, Green box=radius success*/
sv_debugmanualmode 0 /* Make sure entities correctly report whether or not their network data has changed.*/
sv_debugresponses 0 /* Show verbose matching output (1 for simple, 2 for rule scoring)*/
sv_deltaprint 0 /* Print accumulated CalcDelta profiling data (only if sv_deltatime is on)*/
sv_deltatime 0 /* Enable profiling of CalcDelta calls*/
sv_dumpresponses 0 /* Dump all response_rules.txt and rules (requires restart)*/
sv_filterban 1 /* Set packet filtering by IP mode*/
sv_findsoundname cmd /* Find sound names which reference the specified wave files.*/
sv_footsteps 1 /* Play footstep sound for players*/
sv_forcepreload 0 /* Force server side preloading.*/
sv_friction 4 /* World friction.*/
sv_gravity 800 /* World gravity.*/
sv_hltv 0 /* Enables HLTV on this server.*/
sv_instancebaselines 1 /* Enable instanced baselines. Saves network overhead.*/
sv_lan 0 /* Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses, 9999.0 rate, etc. )*/
sv_log_onefile 0 /* Log server information to only one file*/
sv_logbans 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_logdownloadlist 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_logecho 1 /* Echo log information to the console.*/
sv_logfile 1 /* Log server information in the log file.*/
sv_logsdir 0 /* Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.*/
sv_massreport 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_max_usercmd_future_ticks 8 /* Prevents clients from running usercmds too far in the future. Prevents speed hacks.*/
sv_maxrate 0 /* Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited*/
sv_maxspeed 320 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_maxunlag 1 /* Maximum lag compensation in seconds*/
sv_maxupdaterate 60 /* Maximum updates per second that the server will allow*/
sv_maxvelocity 3500 /* Maximum speed any ballistically moving object is allowed to attain per axis.*/
sv_minrate 0 /* Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited*/
sv_minupdaterate 10 /* Minimum updates per second that the server will allow*/
sv_netvisdist 10000 /* Test networking visibility distance*/
sv_noclipaccelerate 5 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_noclipduringpause 0 /* If cheats are enabled, then you can noclip with the game paused (for doing screenshots, etc.).*/
sv_noclipspeed 5 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_npc_talker_maxdist 1024 /* NPCs over this distance from the player won't attempt to speak.*/
sv_password 0 /* Server password for entry into multiplayer games*/
sv_pausable 0 /* Is the server pausable.*/
sv_pushaway_clientside 0 /* Clientside physics push away (0=off, 1=only localplayer, 1=all players)*/
sv_pushaway_clientside_size 15 /* Minimum size of pushback objects*/
sv_pushaway_force 30000 /* How hard physics objects are pushed away from the players on the server.*/
sv_pushaway_max_force 1000 /* Maximum amount of force applied to physics objects by players.*/
sv_pushaway_min_player_speed 75 /* If a player is moving slower than this, don't push away physics objects (enables ducking behind things).*/
sv_rcon_banpenalty 0 /* Number of minutes to ban users who fail rcon authentication*/
sv_rcon_maxfailures 10 /* Max number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned*/
sv_rcon_minfailures 5 /* Number of times a user can fail rcon authentication in sv_rcon_minfailuretime before being banned*/
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 30 /* Number of seconds to track failed rcon authentications*/
sv_region 255 /* The region of the world to report this server in.*/
sv_rollangle 0 /* Max view roll angle_rollspeed */
sv_runcmds 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_sendtables 0 /* Force full sendtable sending path.*/
sv_showhitboxes -1 /* Send server-side hitboxes for specified entity to client (NOTEthis uses lots of bandwidth, use on listen server only).*/
sv_showimpacts 0 /* Shows client (red) and server (blue) bullet impact point*/
sv_showladders 0 /* Show bbox and dismount points for all ladders (must be set before level load.) */
sv_skyname 0 /* Current name of the skybox texture*/
sv_soundemitter_filecheck cmd /* Report missing wave files for sounds and game_sounds files.*/
sv_soundemitter_flush cmd /* Flushes the sounds.txt system (server only)*/
sv_soundemitter_trace 0 /* Show all EmitSound calls including their symbolic name and the actual wave file they resolved to */
sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo cmd /* print soundscapes*/
sv_stats 1 /* Collect CPU usage stats*/
sv_stepsize 18 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_stopspeed 75 /* Minimum stopping speed when on ground.*/
sv_stressbots 0 /* If set to 1, the server calculates data and fills packets to bots. Used for perf testing.*/
sv_strict_notarget 0 /* If set, notarget will cause entities to never think they are in the pvs*/
sv_suppress_viewpunch 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_teststepsimulation 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_thinktimecheck 0 /* Check for thinktimes all on same timestamp.*/
sv_timeout 65 /* After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped*/
sv_unlag 1 /* Enables player lag compensation*/
sv_unlockedchapters 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_voicecodec 0 /* Specifies which voice codec DLL to use in a game. Set to the name of the DLL without the extension.*/
sv_voiceenable 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_watchentlist 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_wateraccelerate 10 /*[Beschreibung]*/
sv_waterdist 12 /* Vertical view fixup when eyes are near water plane.*/
sv_waterfriction 1 /*[Beschreibung]*/
unpause cmd /* Unpause the game.*/
use cmd /* Use a particular weapon Arguments */
user cmd /* Show user data.*/
users cmd /* Show user info for players on server.*/
UseViewParameters cmd /* Choose old or new view parameters.*/
version cmd /* Print version info string.*/
violence_ablood 1 /* Draw alien blood*/
violence_agibs 1 /* Show alien gib entities*/
violence_hblood 1 /* Draw human blood*/
violence_hgibs 1 /* Show human gib entities*/
voice_inputfromfile 0 /* Get voice input from 'voice_input.wav' rather than from the microphone.*/
voice_recordtofile 0 /* Record mic data and decompressed voice data into 'voice_micdata.wav' and 'voice_decompressed.wav'*/
voice_serverdebug 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
weapon_showproficiency 0 /*[Beschreibung]*/
writeid cmd /* Writes a list of permanently-banned user IDs to banned_user.cfg.*/
writeip cmd /* Save the ban list to banned_ip.cfg.*/