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moin moin leider der text nur auf englisch (gefunden by http://www.gotfrag.com/cs )

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The Art of the Double Jump

The double jump is a tricky piece of physics defying jumping that allows you to jump off of a teammate's head, while in mid air. The basic fundamentals of this maneuver can be executed with a little practice.

Steps to a successful double jump:

1. You'll need two people that have a jump key bound
2. Stack on each others heads
3. Have the top person jump straight up ? none of this crooked business!
4. Right before the top person hits the peak of their jump, have the bottom person jump (This will intern cause a steady platform (but only for a moment) for the top person to jump off of)
5. Have the top person jump again, only this time holding crouch at the peak of their jump.
6. Congratulations, you have double jumped.
7. Rinse, wash, and repeat as desired.

Origins of the Double Jump

Everyone is familiar with hostage maps in pubs, and in midway's case hostage maps in matches (it's been that long since he's played in one?200$ a team lesson my...). What everyone does not know (bedsides midway of course) is in versions of Counter Strike prior to 1.4, you were able to move the hostages as a terrorist, and manipulate them in funny ways.

For example, on cs_assault (a.k.a. the greatest map in the history of public Counter Strike play next to fy_rambohulk) you could grab all 4 hostages from the hostage room, take them downstairs to the back door (go to the boxes that are next to the stack of big containers), jump onto a hostages head, and continue jumping. Eventually the hostages will wedge underneath you and boost you up. You could continue to do so until you were standing on top of all 4 hostages, which was incidentally high enough to double jump onto the top container?i.e. the ultimate camp spot!

Although hostage jumping is a little far fetched and highly impossible in today's Counter Strike scene, it served as a precedent for the double jump. For those of you who master the double jump you will one up your CAL Invite peers in TEC -- who had a lot of difficulty double jumping this season in their match vs. United5, as well as EYE -- who had difficulty performing the jump in a recent multi-national tournament.

de_nuke: The double jump on nuke is fairly common, however not used enough in my opinion. It allows you to effectively cover the ramp room with one person boosted into the rafters, which could strengthen your team's ability to hold the inside by sending three people to defend (rather than two), and having the remaining player that should be watching the ramp, spot outside from window room.

Double jumping a teammate into the ramp room rafters.

Potential new setup created by double jumping a teammate into the ramp room rafters.

de_inferno: Inferno is a map filled with countless numbers of boosts and unique crossfires that help evolve into an elaborate counter terrorist defense. The double jump pictured is a very obvious spot. However it is effective when used in moderation -- particularly after allowing the enemy up the middle that precedes bomb site ?A? uncontested. Make sure to take a few steps out from the wall so you do not get caught on that pesky ledge while double jumping.

Double jumping a teammate into position. Be cautious of the overhead ledge.

Possibly the double jump that started it all ? the infamous window boost. This has always been risky with 3 people as it left one of the surrounding areas (middle, banana, or halls) uncovered. When you double jump with two people, not only is it faster (if done on the 1 st try, but it is also safer.)

The most frequently used double jump.

de_cpl_fire: The first time I saw these boosts employed were in the United5 vs. 4Kings CPL match a few CPL'S ago. Instead of having a player watch ?cal sign? from a traditional spot within the ?A? bombsite, Hare decided to have United5 stack middle, with a double jump. This allowed for easier rotation into the right bombsite ?B?, which is notoriously difficult to defend with two people.

Double jumping to defend the middle from an unconventional spot.

Although you cannot effectively stack at this spot, it is another place you can utilize the double jump to defend ?cal sign?.

de_train: While all the other double jumps are widely known by fellow demo watchers and CPL spectators alike, I present to you this ?new? spot if you will. I don't know how effective it will be as I have not seen it in action yet, however I felt I shouldn't leave the reader so empty handed that they got nothing new out of this article (similar to the feeling you get when reading bootman's article on flash bangs!)

This spot is very unconventional and has potential. Now it is up to you, the Gotfrag double boosting extraordinaire to go out and find all of the other double boosts and use them to your benefit.

Special thanks to midway and bootman for taking my minimal abuse in good nature. If I were to get a lesson on Gotfrag I'd definitely signup for the sensational playbook creating bootman, and the hostage jumping midway. I'd also like to thank Ethan ?13 Steps? Hargrave and Sam ?BirthdayBoy? Hargrave for doing the double jumps included in this article.