Call of Duty 2

Admiral Mod Release 3 Admiral Mod Release 3 Monday 15th 1903 March 2021 | 3.085,2 kB
Admiralmod Release 3. Siehe auch

Neuerungen in Rel 3:
  • - Multiplayer Mission Engine v1.0
  • - First working Multiplayer Mission Pack with 4 Maps
  • - Mobile Mortar Cannons
  • - Tournament Mode (like Pam for S&D)
  • - Map Overview for all Maps
  • - Gametype DOM with neutralize state
  • - Gametype DOM with rounds
  • - Gametype NOZ with rounds
  • - Allowed Custom Map Vote
  • - Option: WeaponPickup with LookAt
  • - Option: Hud Styles: COD2/COD3
  • - Option: Sprint with weapon disabled
  • - Option: Variable Sprint Speed
  • - Option: Switchable Nade distance throw
  • - Option: Player-Class-Icons in the Highscore
  • - Option: Rank-Icons in the Highscore
  • - Option: Rank-Icons as Headicon
  • - Option: No Fog/Weather-Effect
  • - Option: More Kill Hit Location options
  • - Option: No Weapon-Drop for Sniper+Shotgun
  • - Option: Frag/Smoke Grenade Limits
  • - Option: Ammo limited by Rank
  • - Medics visable at compass
  • - Ammo Crate visable at compass
  • - Low Bleeding with prone
  • - New Spawnprotection
  • - Fallen Damage Modifier
  • - S&D Waittimer after Mapchange
  • - The whole text is localizeable
  • - Clan vs Public Team Switch
  • - Fixed: Fire/Gas Grenades
  • - Fixed: Cvar errors
  • - new server.cfg
RconCommander RconCommander Monday 15th 1903 March 2021 | 1.224,0 kB
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*** Source Code: J3§†3R                       ***
*** Research: L3§†A†                            ***
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1) Change map
2) Kick/Ban/TempBan users by clientid
3) Change game type
4) enable/disable/configure all server settings
5) Broadcast up to 4 timed server messages
6) Send chat messages to the server
7) Profiles for each server (saves rconpassword,port,ip,messages)
 Pic of current map
9) Progressbar for server messages
10) Execute user-defined rcon commands
11) Message box for saved settings
12) List current map, players, game type
13) Public / Private server status
14) Connection status

We could tell you what the recommended specs are to run this program, however it would be easier to point and laugh at those whose computers cause a level 3 meltdown at the very sight of this program. But for those who just have to know:

Required Specifications
6MB Disk Space
20mb RAM
P2 or better processor
Video card capable of displaying 16,000,000 colors
Windows XP/2000
.NET Framework 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 (final)

Recommended Specifications
200tb Disk Space
300gb RAM
Video card capable of displaying 200,000,000,000 colors
Any PC with Mac components
Windows SF (SupaFly) Professional
.PET Framework 10.2.368

Public/Private settings are not pulled until you click the "Game Settings" button

This program uses an ini file to store profiles. If you remove a profile from the ini make certain you set the num= to the new number of profiles in the file. Also, make certain each profile is numbered in order (ie: [ip2] [ip3]) {no, you can't change the name "[ip1]" to something different like "[dog1]"}

After creating a new profile in the options screen the program must be restarted for the new changes to appear in the list of the main form (ip's to connect to)

You do have to click the "refresh" button in order to "refresh" the player list and main server settings. This is not automatically refreshed.

We offer this program as a gift to the COD2 community and offer no support for this software. Feel free to distribute it as you like so long as it stays in it's original form. You can not sell this software. In doing so we will sue you for everything you own, including your dog and favorite tv show. Well, maybe not your dog. But there will (all joking aside) be reprocussions. Enjoy this application and frag on!