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Moh Bridge CoD2 Moh Bridge CoD2 Tuesday 15th 2308 August 2017 | 7.198,8 kB
Medal of Honor Map "The Bridge" in neuem Glanz für Call of Duty 2
The Bridge (A Medal Of Honor conversion)- mp_bridge.iwd


Title:                The Bridge
Version:                      Initial Release.
Filename:                     mp_bridge.bsp
Created By:            [tFp] CFH666
Supported Gametypes:    DM, TDM, CTF, HQ, SD
Description:            Conversion of The Bridge from MOHAA.
Contact:            Private message me through the forums at






I take no credit for the design of the map as credit goes to the creaters of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault.

    -    Some mantle hints do not show properly, but they all work. You may have to backup a couple of
        inches from some walls for them to work. Holding your jump key, and running up to a wall will
        automatically perfmorm the mantle action once you are within range.



[tFp] OJ Kenobi for having the patience to show me how to use radiant
and helping me out over TeamSpeak... Thank you, you no good god damn dirty yankee :D.

Wyatt Earp for his tutorials as well as answering many questions.

The mapping community of's forums.
moh_Stalingrad CoD2 moh_Stalingrad CoD2 Tuesday 15th 2408 August 2017 | 1.644,1 kB
Stalingrad für CoD2 Nicht die schönste Umsetzung, aber im moment die einzigste. Weiß allerdings nicht von wem, ggf bitte melden wegen der Credits ;)
Omaha Beach Final 2.a(Backdraft) Omaha Beach Final 2.a(Backdraft) Tuesday 15th 2408 August 2017 | 9.004,2 kB
Dies ist Version 2.a der Omaha Beach von Bacckdraft.
In dieser Version wurden einige Bugs gefixt, die Clanwerbung, ein MG und eine Leiter entfernt.

Auf dem ANS läuft die Final1 (Da die Leiter in CTF durchaus Sinn macht)
Changed map name - mp_omaha_v2a
Changed loadscreen.
Removed mg42 at right hand entrance.
Removed ladder outside the left hand bunker so allies can defend a planted bomb better.
Enlarged minefields to cater for sprint mods.
Changed axis spawns in sd, obj and rsd.
Clipped both bunkers to stop players crawling out of the bunker and going under the map.
Clipped all buildings to stop players climbing out of the map.
Fixed some terrain faults & holes.
Removed the two advertising posters.
Remagen Remagen Tuesday 15th 2408 August 2017 | 6.262,0 kB
Die Karte "Remagen" bekannt aus MoH:Spearhead für Call of Duty2
Winter V2 Beta1 Winter V2 Beta1 Tuesday 15th 2508 August 2017 | 11.121,2 kB
README (Beta 1)

Release: Wednesday, Sept. 31st 2006 [1:40pm EST]

mp_winterv2 public beta version 1:

Mapped, scripted and designed by oraco (Julian Luo)

*Modification or usage of any part of this package is not allowed without permission of the creator, if permitted, this readme file must be included in the redistribution package, Thank you.

mp_winterv2 (c) 2006


> Simply place the iwd file into the main folder

> Map call is /map mp_winterv2

> Options are to disable flak: (0-off, 1-on)

/seta flak 0

> Option to change reloading delay of Flak88: (0=fastest, 8=slowest, default=4)

/seta flakdelay 8

> This is a mid-large sized map, set your max players to 36-40 for balanced play.

Map Information:

Custome Map - mp_winterv2 (Done alone)

> All new structures, no stock prefabs used.
> Usable Flak88 Simulator.
> Interactive bunker door and windows.
> Wall marks for nade bouncing tricks. (Underground)
> Very visually pleasing and fair FPS performance.
> Plays all gametypes. (HQ is not complete for beta 1)

This is a remake version of my old mp_winterv2 for CoD1.

The MGs are given to germans only, also a flak88 cannon as an attempt to balance Russian's PPSH.
Waterfall Beta1 Waterfall Beta1 Tuesday 15th 2208 August 2017 | 8.261,7 kB
Presenting MW*SWAT Waterfall

This is a multiplayer-only map based on an environment by my imagination.
I'm aware of the fact of missing detail work here and there, but I wanted to keep
framerate as high as possible.
I don't take any responsibility that it will run on every PC configuration, since
I haven't had a chance to test it on more than 5-6 configurations.
By the way on those systems it worked just fine...:)

I hope you enjoy playing this map. If you do so, I would greatly appreciate
any notes (playability. looks, fps problems, etc.) about this map, so I could further
improve my upcoming releases. Not to mention that I enjoy to be complemented!
Keep in mind, that I've spent a pile of hours developing this shit, though...

Send messages to:, or
visit our clan's homepage at:

PS.: Does anyone know how to create scrolling textures in CoD2 (DX9)?
        I hate the unmoving waterfall in my map...
        & let me thank for help the guys on

Regards: MW*SWAT UnderTaker                    
Chelm (Beta) Chelm (Beta) Tuesday 15th 2308 August 2017 | 10.809,1 kB
README (Beta 1)

Release: Monday, July 31st 2006 [1:40pm EST]
mp_chelm public beta version 1:
Mapped, scripted and designed by oraco (Julian Luo)

*Modification or usage of any part of this package is not allowed without permission of the creator, if permitted, this readme file must be included in the redistribution package, Thank you.

mp_chelm (c) 2006

Map Information:

Custome Map - mp_chelm (Done alone)
If time allows, Single player is planned as the map's design had single player in mind.

> All new structures, no stock prefabs used.
> Dynamic Lighting effects of lanterns that can be destroyed, respawns in 2 minutes.
> Random passages/elements on round/map change.
> Very visually pleasing and fair FPS performance.

Map Download:
> - mp_chelm (supports DM, TDM, CTF, SD)


Concept Art Drawings:

Radiant Dev. Screenshots :

Dev Time:
> Concept, Prefab, Map structure - 10 Days full time (Started on July 15th 2006)
> Portal - 1 Day
> Script - 1/2 Day
> Compile, lighting adjust, beta version prep. - 1/2 Day
> HR Clan internal Beta testing - 5 Days.

> The map is modeled according to a description of a location near Chelm, Poland. The style of buildings and Church is roughly described by a Polish friend I have. All the design of structures have corresponding concept art I've drawn. Everything is modeled close to the concept, with some minor variance due to work arounds of limitations and FPS optimization.

> The new concept of this map that is different from the other mp maps is the element of random generated passages.
> The map has 7+ passage blockages that will randomly cycle through each round or map rotation. This will result in different pass ways mostly affecting the gameplay of CTF and SD. Some elements in the map also changes randomly to give a slightly different look of this map.
> The map is high in details, more so than the stock CoD2 maps, but due to the small size and the efficiency of the portals, the FPS is kept in acceptable range.
> The DM and TDM gameplay flow is kept fairly in the center of the map, where spawned players can enter the intense battle in the middle faster.
> Most of the random passages are also located in the center of the map, is where the action is. There are enough obstacles and buildings in the center to prevent massive weapon spamming, which often results in a ball of mess and high scores of over 200. The further portions of the map can host campers with a limited field of vision, which also prevents from massive camping.
Chateau Chateau Tuesday 15th 2308 August 2017 | 3.538,8 kB
Sehr nahe Umsetzung der Call of Duty 1 Map Chateau. Wenig Inneneinrichtung,  Standard Texturen. Für Fans der Call of Duty1 Karte

Verfasser unbekannt
Fort BHC Fort BHC Tuesday 15th 2308 August 2017 | 14.646,4 kB
Fort BHC ist eine Karte auf der es ALLES gibt. Sie ist für Clantrainings gedacht, oder für Spieler die alles schon mal auf einer Karte haben wollten. Im normalen Betrieb unspielbar da diese Karte so unglaublich groß ist das es 10 Minuten dauert um von einem Ende zum anderem zu laufen. Hier wird man den Gegner nie zweimal zu Gesicht bekommen.
Für Trainingszwecke gibt es hier jedoch alles. Man kann Bomben legen (Die niemals explodieren) und entschärfen. Es gibt eine Waffenkammer mit ALLEN Waffen. Es gibt einen Nade Übungsplatz auf dem man wie im Singelplayer Grundausbildung Nades auf Ziele werfen kann. Es gibt einen Hindernissparcours mit klettern, kriechen, springen. Es gibt ein Minenfeld das mit viel Glück überquerbar ist. Kurz alles was gelangweilte Spieler oder Clans mal ausprobieren möchten.
Die Spawnpunkte sind für das Training wählbar, so das alle an der selben Stelle spawnen. Screenshots und configuration unter
Fort BHC is divided into 15 zones in 3 different areas. They are divided as follows:

Area I: The Base
These zones make up a general meeting place for the soldiers. This is where meetings and lectures will be held. All soldiers will initially spawn somewhere on the base.

1) Main gate - Recruits and non-members will initially spawn outside the fort at the main gate. Someone from inside will have to open the gate to let them in.
2) Headquarters - Officers and senior members will initially spawn in the HQ building. Along with offices, the HQ also holds a lecture hall, planning, and recreation rooms.
3) Barracks - All squad level members will spawn in the barracks. Bunks are available for all members as well as a latrine.
4) Armory – Each weapon from each nationality is available from the armory. Weapons respawn, so soldiers can feel free to take what they need.
5) Parade grounds – The parade grounds is where the soldiers will gather for meetings that are more formal. There are markers in the ground for lining up in columns as well as an observation dais for the officers.

Area II: Main Street (Drilling and Games)
The Main Street consists of zones dedicated to drilling and training. Each zone focuses on one aspect of being a soldier.

6) Grenade Range – Soldiers can practice their grenade placement techniques at the Grenade Range. There are grenade targets, throwing platforms, an observation deck, and a station to refill grenade load outs.
7) Mine Field – Soldiers can practice navigating mines at the Mine Field. These are not the mines you are used to; if you hear a click, you will blow up.
8) Bash Arena – The Bash Arena is a fighting ring to practice melee (bashing) attacks. There is a bash pit, observation deck, and a spectator boardwalk. A horn can be sounded with a switch on the observation deck.
9) Jungle Lane – The Jungle Lane provides close quarters combat and response time training. As a soldier moves though, random targets will pop up. The soldier will have 3 seconds to shoot it before it drops back down. Points are awarded according to response time. Near the entrance\exit, there is a ladder to the observation deck.
10) Obstacle Course – Soldiers can practice navigating physical obstacles at the Obstacle Course. There are stations dedicated to climbing, crawling, jumping, and general navigation.
11) Rifle range – The Rifle Range has 12 targets each: three each at 25, 50, 100, and 200 yards. A random target will open at each distance and points will be awarded for hits.

Area III: Scrimmage Area
The Scrimmage Area provides zones of several unique terrain types. These can be used to practice different attack and defend scenarios. There are two faux Search and Destroy objectives. Sticky bombs can be planted and defused by anyone and do not cause damage when exploding.

12) The Farm – A wheat field separates several buildings from some ruins. Hay bales, crates, and a tractor provide cover while moving through the farm field. The farm house holds an objective (A) radio.
13) The Forest – The forest is a heavily wooded and bushy area. There is a MG nest\bunker dug out of a cliff.
14) The River – A small river separates the Hill and the Forest. It flows downstream to the Farm. You can only hold your breath so long before drowning in the water.
15) The Hill – There are bunkers and trenches covering the hill with an objective (B) Flak 88 at the top. The base of the hill is covered with brush and barbed wire.

Spawning and Respawning
    These are not your father’s spawn points. All players will first spawn in the Base. Their exact position will be determined by their role (described in the next section).

    Once they have moved onto Main Street or the Scrimmage Area their spawn point depends entirely on where they were when they died. You will spawn in the zone nearest to you, regardless of where in Fort BHC your teammates and enemies are. This allows training to be split into several groups without having to trudge halfway across the map to find your group.

A player will have one of 6 roles when joining the server. These roles can be adjusted for your clan\unit with config settings.

1) Non-member – Spawn at the Main Gate without weapons or a helmet.
2) Recruit – Spawns at the Main Gate without weapons or a helmet, but has access to a special Recruit Menu by double tapping the Use key.
3) 1stPlatoon member – Spawns in the 1st Platoon Barracks as a normal player.
4) 2ndPlatoon member – Spawns in the 2nd Platoon Barracks as a normal player.
5) HQ member – Spawns in the HQ building as a normal player.

6) Drill Unit – Spawns according to 3, 4 or 5, but with a beret and access to a special DU Menu by double tapping the Use key.

See "Fort BHC Sample.cfg" to see how to set up roles.

Clearing Scores - The DU can reset the scores on the TAB scoreboard by pressing 4 on their special menu. You can also clear scores via rcon like so:

    \rcon clearscores 1

Kung Fu - Non-members and recruits spawn without a weapon. This can conflict with some sprinting mods (like Powerserver, BHCMod). There is some scripting kung fu to counter this. If you find that this kung-fu is not needed on your server or that it is interfering with your mod, you can disable in your config like so:

set fortbhc_nokungfu "1"

Druckkammern Beta Druckkammern Beta Tuesday 15th 2208 August 2017 | 24.309,6 kB
Conversion by: |OCG|=gLiTcH=

Map name: druckkammern_beta (moh:sh map conversion)
For: Call of Duty 2  v1.3

Extract the zzz_druckkammern_beta.iwd file to your CoD2 main folder.

I take no credit for creating this map. All credit goes to the
original creators of MoH:SH's Druckkammern_TOW, though I'll take a
little for the enhancements. This project has been sitting in my
editor for a long time and I finally got some free time to go ahead
and finish it off. This is by far one of my most favorite MoH:SH maps,
so I decided to re-create it. Enjoy!

When a final version of this map is released, it will go by the name
of MoH_Druckkammern.


tdm hq ctf dm sd


Thanks and greets to come with the final version.